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Cadeby Churchyard Survey

Documents and location map of Cadeby village All Saints' Church graveyard with details of headstones originally drawn up in 1986 updated by Susan and Victor Broadfield in 2015.

Cadeby churchyard contains over two hundred headstones of residents of Cadeby, Osbaston (which at one time was part of the parish of Cadeby) and the surrounding villages going back as far as 1702.
Find a name alphabetically in the 'Complete Churchyard Index'.
Having identified a headstone number, the map can then be used to search for the actual location, or the details from the stones can be seen in the appropriate details document below.

In addition to the survey there is also a portion of a family tree relating to the PAGET and PRIESTNALL families  believed to be from Cadeby and the surrounding area.

This was submitted by Roma Taylor of New South Wales, Australia some time ago asking if anyone could help with her research.

She can be contacted  by e-mail at if anyone has any extra information.

If anyone would like to add their own Cadeby related family tree links or pages to this site please contact us at
Cadeby All Saints' Churchyard Map
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